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My name is Opara Cephas Ukachukwu, I'm the Mastermind behind RomShillzz Blog (www.romshillzzblog.com). I'm a full time passionate and also the youngest Blogger in Nigeria. I started Blogging at the age of 16, then I knew less about blogging I only wanted to use my blog as a backup to post the things I have learnt, done and experienced. I'm also the owner of romshillzz.net although I created this one before RomShillzz Blog and that was where it all started.

When I started I only wanted to get popular that is to make a name but when I went deeply into blogging I discovered that is not just about the name is all about what you teach and what people can say of you! I became too addicted to blogging that I hardly sleep at night or eat when it's time to because of the passion I have for it. My first blog that is, romshillzz.net one of the best Stock ROM blogs, is an online information service provided by free Mobile Phone Stock ROMs · Firmware · Tools & Tutorials. I created it for the pro-experience I have on Mobile Phone Flashing, Unlocking, Unbricking, Updating and Everything that has to do with Mobile Phones lies there except hardware because I know less on that.

After a year I thought of something good, something better and something best that any Blogger could come across online one day so it became a dream-come-true and I created this RomShillzz Blog to help all blogger users. To cut everything short, because if I should continue I don't think this whole page would be enough for my BIO. www.romshillzzblog.com is a Blog that provides latest & unique Blogging Tips, Tricks, How-TOs, SEO for Blogspot & WordPress Blogs to help all Blogger users and lots more!

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To Find out more about me Google "RomShillzz" (in quotes)!