How To Add Multiple Links on Instagram

For those who use or want to use social media to grow their business here is a means on how to add multiple links on your Instagram page. By default, you can only add one link to your Instagram profile page.

Adding multiple links; this could only be done using a third-party web application with this app you can add and show as many links as you want on your Instagram bio using the generated single URL. There are many third-party apps you can use but to me, I recommend you use "Linktree" because it is simple and easy to use.

Steps on How To Add Multiple links on Instagram

Step 1: Like I said earlier, There are many third-party apps you can you but to me, I recommend you use "Linktree" because it is simple and easy to use. So the first step is to go to and signup for free using your Instagram account details.

Step 2: After signing up, log in to your account >> On your dashboard, click on the Add New Button/Link.

Step 3: Add your links as follows:
Title: - The title of your link. For example, I want to add my website and the name of my website is RomShillzz Blog now I will put RomShillzz Blog as my title.

http://url - The link to your site. Example

Step 4: Now look at the top right-hand side of your dashboard you will see a link titled My Bio Link:

Step 5: Copy the link, Log in to your Instagram account >> Edit your profile >> Paste or write the link in the space provided for Website.

Step 6: Save profile.

How To Change the Background Colour/Theme of Your Linktree Address

By default, the theme colour of the Linktree address is White with Green colour buttons so if you would like to customize more by changing the background colour/theme then follow the steps below.

Steps: Log in to your Linktree dashboard >> click on Settings >> Appearance >> Theme >> Now select your desired colour. For custom colours, you need to upgrade to Linktree Pro.

N.B: Whenever someone clicks on the link, the link redirects the person to the Linktree tab where it provides an option on the link to go to. Thanks and don't forget to leave your comments!