How To Bypass "SKIP AD" on AdFly Shortened Links

Have you ever come across an AdFly Shortened link prompting you to "SKIP AD" before redirecting you to a hidden URL or Download link? AdFly is a URL shortener that pays per click thus when a link is been shrunk it becomes shortened and once someone clicks on the link it generates earnings so for those who would like to earn money online with their links (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Download links or any other link) Sign up for Adfly.

Sometimes we become so disgruntled about skipping these ads before getting to or right destination maybe because the web browser we use does block ads or because of the pop-ups ads that always opens a new tab so or just to save time. On this post, I will show you on how to bypass the "SKIP AD" option on AdFly shortened links.

Steps on How To Bypass "SKIP AD" on AdFly Shortened Links

Below are few steps you will need to expand, decrypt and un-shorten shrunk AdFly links.

Steps: Go to >> Enter the shortened link (Example: >> Click on Expand. Now this will decrypt the shortened link giving you the Uncovered URL. The Uncovered URL is the hidden/shrunk link.

N.B: This will also work on other link shorteners not just for AdFly. Thanks and don't forget to leave your comments!