How To Create a Facebook Page Username with "0" Page Likes

Did you just create a new Facebook Page without a username? Don't get seated, the username you might like to use could be taken by someone else thus, it becomes unavailable! (sure this could freak you).

With a Facebook Page username, People can search and find your page easily. Without the username, all you could see is the Facebook Page Name (e.g RomShillzz Blog) which could differ from your Page Username (e.g @romshillzzblog). By default, new pages may not immediately be able to create a username, so if your page has not reached the minimum of 25 likes, you can't be eligible to have a custom username and when you try creating one while you aren't eligible, you will get an error message as follows "This Page isn't eligible to have a username". So in this post, I will be showing you on How To Create a Facebook Page Username with "0" Page Likes.

Here, All you need to do is to create a new Admin for your page, then from the new Admin's dashboard, you can now create a username for your page.

Steps on How To Create a Facebook Page Username with "0" Page Likes

Step 1: Login to your Facebook Account >> Facebook Pages.

Step 2: Click on the Page you will like to create the username.

Step 3: Click on the Page Settings >> Page Roles.

Step 4: On the "Assign a new Page role", input the username of the new person you want to assign (most preferred to add is your second account or a trusted family member or friend).

Step 5: Click on the Editor Tab and select Admin.

Step 6: Click on the Add button.

Now, you have successfully created a new Admin for your Page!

Step 7: Now login the new Admin's account.

Step 8: On the Admin's account, select the page >> Click on About.

Step 9: From the GENERAL Tab >> Username, click edit.

Step 10: Now, input the username for the page and click on the Create button and you're done!

[*] You must have the new Admin on your friend's list. Please note that Admins Can manage all aspects of the Page. They can: send messages and publish as the Page, respond to and delete comments on the Page, create adverts, see which admin created a post or comment, view Insights, respond to and delete Instagram comments from the Page, edit Instagram account details from the Page, and assign Page roles. So it is preferred you use your second Facebook account (if you have) or a trusted person.

[*] Make sure the username you're trying to create follows the guidelines for custom usernames

Updates: Recent changes has been made by Facebook, So to make this work, Assign a new Page role immediately after creating the page, then from the new Admin's account, create the username for your page between same session (within an hour).

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