How To Activate A Payoneer MasterCard®

Earlier I made a Tutorial on How To Get A Payoneer MasterCard Free of Cost and after publishing this post for some months, I received a mail from Payoneer that I have violated the Refer a Friend Program Policy because I promoted the Payoneer MasterCard and I used some other terms. Below is the mail I received:

Hello Cephas Opara
Customer ID: 2XXXXXX3
Thank you for your enthusiasm in promoting Payoneer.
It has been brought to our attention that you are misrepresenting/promoting our brand on your channel, for example:
Please follow the instructions below and adjust the content accordingly:
When promoting Payoneer on your channel, do not ever promote the Payoneer card.
DO NOT use the terms
·         Mastercard®
·         Prepaid card
·         Credit card
·         Payoneer card
·         Card

Doing so will result in your Payoneer account being blocked and you will not receive any benefits from the Refer a Friend program.

DO feel free to use any of the suggested taglines for your promotions on social channels, find full list here.

OR share our ready-made infographics with your audience à
·         Freelancer -  
·         E-seller -  

Please adjust the content on your channel within 1 week.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused,
Payoneer Team

After I had received the above mail, I had to make immediate changes to the post to avoid my account from being terminated. I reverted the post to draft and created a new one How To Sign Up For A Payoneer Account and this time around I didn't include those terms that violates their Refer a Friend Program Policy.

Now, After successfully signing up for a Payoneer account and you have received your MasterCard, On this post, I will show you on How To Activate the Payoneer MasterCard.

Steps on How To Activate A Payoneer MasterCard

Step 1: Login to your Payoneer account.

Step 2: On your dashboard, you will see the "View your status and activate your card" prompt, click on Activate.

Step 3: Fill in the following details to activate your card:

16 digit card number: [the number found on the card which often begins with 5300] 
Select a 4-digit PIN: [a 4-digit PIN you will always use in making your transactions]
Confirm your PIN: [re-input the 4-digit PIN]

Step 4: Now, after filling the above details, Check and agree to the Payoneers cookies Policy* >> click on the Activate button.

Your card has been successfully activated! you will get a confirmation message.

Cheers, & Enjoy Online Payments!