How To Restore Permanently Deleted Files in cPanel

We often make mistakes, although careful we are no one goes above it. "Sometimes surgeons remove the wrong kidney. Sometimes pilots fall asleep while flying a plane. Sometimes those files you thought you could delete... you needed!" (#Antropy).

If you've accidentally checked ☑ Skip the trash and permanently delete the files option when deleting a file or folder from your website, and your website host uses cPanel, then the chances are you can recover them back as cPanel automatically backs-up your files (but you don't know!).

Steps on How To Restore Permanently Deleted Files/Folders in cPanel

Step 1: Log in to your cPanel >> File Restoration.

Step 2: Navigate and Select the path your website is to hosted (E.g. public_html).

Step 3: From the path, select the folder of the website which you want to recover its files.

Step 4: Click on the file you want to recover.

Step 5: Choose your Recovery Version (depending on the time/date you uploaded the file) and click on Restore This Version.

Step 6: On the Restore From Backup prompt, click Restore. (If the file is existing already but you would like to restore a previous version, check ☑ Overwrite existing file, and click Restore).

Step 7: Once the Restore process is completed, you will be notified.

N.B: Files/Folders would be recovered back to the path they were before deleting. Thanks, Hope this Works!