How To Purge Cache on Cloudflare

Like I have said in one of my previous posts, Cloudflare helps us build a better Internet. Cloudflare speeds up and protects millions of websites, APIs, SaaS services, and other properties connected to the Internet. Cloudflare makes more than 7,000,000 Internet properties faster and safer.

Cloudflare caches all your static content, speeding up the load time of your website dramatically (Jus like our browsers). Although this cache becomes a problem when there are a lot of them accumulated, as a result, some changes to your website may not display after they are being made.

Now when you encounter a similar problem (when your updates are not being displayed), the first thing you need to do is to clear your browser cache or use incognito mode in Google Chrome. On this posts, I will be showing you on How To Purge Cache on Cloudflare.

Steps on How To Purge Cache on Cloudflare

Step 1: Login to your Cloudflare's dashboard.

Step 2: On your Cloudflare's dashboard, Select the Website (if you have more than on website added to your Cloudflare account) you want to purge its cache.

Step 3: Select Catching from the tab.

Now on the Caching settings, there are two options in purging cache which are #1. Purge Individual Files, #2. Purge Everything.

Purging Individual Files

According to Cloudflare,

A single or limited purge leaves the rest of the resources cached so that the requests don’t have to pull content from the origin server. We recommend this option if you don’t want to slow down the site.
Purging a single file from Cloudflare's cache immediately removes that resource from Cloudflare's cache and the subsequent requests for that resource will re-add that resource to the cache with the latest version served from the origin.

To Purge Individual Files: Click on the Purge Individual Files Button and type in the URL of the file and click on Purge Individual Files Button.

Purging Everything

According to Cloudflare,

We strongly recommend using single file purge instead of full cache purge in most situations.
Purging the entire cache means all resources in Cloudflare's cache are immediately invalidated and the subsequent request for each invalidated resource will go back to your origin server(s) in an attempt to revalidate the resource. If the resource can't be revalidated, the resource in Cloudflare's cache will be replaced with the newer version of the resource from your origin. If you have many assets and lots of traffic, those requests could result in a substantial increase in requests to your origin and slow down your website.

To Purge Everything: Just click on the Purge Everything Button, confirm purge all.

Thanks, Hope This Works!