How I Got Google Adsense Approval Just in Three Weeks of Launching My Blog!

Just yesterday evening (the day before this post was published), I went to the home page of my blog ( to check if I had new notifications like comments, so I scrolled down to the footer of my blog to my greatest surprise I just discovered an Adsense Ad. I wondered how comes the Ad, then I logged in the email I used for signing up Google Adsense two weeks ago, just to discover something that could put a smile on every blogger's face, this is what I saw:

...I was excited, so amazed! I don't want to be selfish that's why I decided to make this post, to share my experience maybe it could be of help to you getting approved. Right now I'm just feeling like an "Adsense Genius!".

The Things I Did Before Signing Up for Adsense

First of all is not just about creating a blog. To me, I see it seems like a perfection "Doing What You Know Best". 

Step 1: Create a Website or Blog based on what you know best using any Platform.

Step 2: Create at least 10 quality post. When I mean quality post I mean something interesting with at least 300 words, well written with good grammar, don't copy and paste posts, always create your post images by yourself, don't just google images and upload them to your blog post, "Be Original"!.

Step 3: Don't forget to add or create the following pages on your blog: Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, About Us, Contact Us and never leave any of them blank.

Step 4: Use a default Blogger Template - (you can customize that in your own way) or a Standard well designed Template.

Step 5: Buy a domain. You can purchase yours from Namecheap or any other domain registrar. After purchasing your domain, Link it up to your Blogger Blog.

Step 6: Your domain should be at least 5 days old before thinking of applying for Adsense.

Step 7: Now Make sure you read every line of the Google Adsense program policy to see if your website or blog complies with them before proceeding. Now after successfully following the above steps, you may now proceed in signing up for AdSense.

Step 8: After signing up, Learn how to place the new Google Adsense code to your Blogger blog.

Once the code has been successfully placed, within a week or 2 your account will be reviewed just keep the code intact on your blog. Never get tired of waiting because sometimes it can take a longer time to get approved.

With my little experience, not being stingy, I hope this works and don't forget to share your experience too, it could be of help to others. Thanks!