What To Do After Getting Google Adsense Approval

If your website or blog has been newly approved for Google Adsense then what next? Yes before I got approved, I had asked that question to myself although then I never knew what next to do after getting Google Adsense approval since it was my first time. But after getting everything in place, I have to make this tutorial for those who have been newly approved for Google Adsense and don't know what next to do.

Google Adsense is one of the many ways to make money online by displaying ads on your blog or website in other to monetize your content and this advertising system is on a Cost Per Click (CPC) rate. Now the first thing you need to do after getting Google Adsense approval is to create Ad, and Secondly, Place the Ads on your blog. Below are few steps on how to create Google Adsense Ads.

Steps on How To Create Google Adsense Ads

Step 1: Login to your Google Adsense Account >>  Click on My Ads >> Ad units >> Click on the New ad units tab.

Step 2: Now a new window will open, there you will choose what type of ad would you like to create.

Step 3: After creating your desired Ad, then click on the Get code button >> Copy the Ad code >> Click Close.

Step 4: You have successfully created an Ad unit! The next step is to Learn How To Place Google Adsense Ads on your Blog.

Step 5: If you have a YouTube Channel, you can also Monetize your YouTube Channel using Google Adsense.

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