How to Resolve cPanel Error: Your IP has Changed. Please log in again.

Sometimes or more often after successfully logging into your cPanel, it logs you out automatically within few seconds prompting with an error message like "Your IP has Changed. Please log in again." This also happens to Webmail too.

Although frustrating, I found out that this always happens when I use a different network to access my cPanel or Webmail. For example, I do login my cPanel using the Airtel network, but whenever I switch to either MTN or GLO network, after a successful login, it automatically signs me out within few seconds prompting me with an error "Your IP has Changed. Please log in again." that displays at the top of the login form. I have made some findings and discovered why this always happens and how to resolve it.

The Cause:

Please note for security reasons cPanel don't allow users to use dynamic IP within a session. During a login session, your internet connection has to maintain a same static IP to validate a session. Now with the example above, this simply means that I've to wait for some session (maybe 24 - 48 hours or so) before I can log in my cPanel or Webmail using a different network.

Now the question is, What if I don't have access to this network that validates the session? or What if I don't have data on it?

Yes, you might likely be asking this same questions to your self! But relax, I've got the fix for you!!

How To Fix:

Here, I will only give you fix on the best and most reliable way in resolving this issue, see fix below.

Fix 1: cPanel has an inbuilt proxy so you can also access cPanel from Sub-domain which uses a different port. Try to access cPanel from the sub-domain many times this will fix the error.

[*] Replace with the name of your domain in which you used for your hosting account.

Fix 2: You can use a VPN service that gives you a static IP. You can even use Opera's free VPN service. Opera has a free inbuilt VPN with all its latest versions. You can refer here:

So using Opera will give you a stable connection & you can try using it to access your cPanel. This will also likely fix your issue.

[*] If you are using Mobile, it is recommended that you use Opera Mini, it will solve the IP issue. Since Opera mini uses Proxy with Static IP for browsing the internet.

Other Alternative Methods:

Step 2: Login to WHM >> "Main" >> "Server Configuration" >> "Tweak Settings" >> Click on "Security" tab.

Step 2: Check for "Cookie IP Validation" and change settings to "Loose" or you can disable it completely.

Step 2: Clear your browser's cache and restart your Internet connection, and then try again.

Thanks, Hope This Works!