How To Withdraw Funds from Payoneer In Nigeria

From How To Sign Up For A Payoneer Account, to How To Activate A Payoneer MasterCard® then How To Add Your Local Back Account in Payoneer. After following all these previous posts, I could say it is incomplete when you can't withdraw your funds from Payoneer, especially to Nigerians.

On this post, I will be completing what I've started by showing you on How To Withdraw Funds from Payoneer In Nigeria, So if you haven't read my previous posts on Payoneer, try and do so as I will be going straight to the point.

Steps on How To Withdraw Funds from Payoneer In Nigeria

[*] Go to any Bank ATM that supports MasterCard.
[*] Insert/Slot your Card.
[*] Input your PIN (the same PIN you used when activating your Payoneer card).
[*] Select Cash Withdrawal.
[*] On the account type option, Select Current Account.
[*] Input the amount you want to withdraw.
[*] Confirm your PIN and withdraw your cash!

[*] Note: Before you make any withdrawal, always make sure you don't make any mistake in the process as once a mistake is done, you can't make any further withdrawal/transaction from the ATM with your card until the next 24hr (as from the time of the withdrawal), and a fee of $1.00 will be debited from your Payoneer Account (whether the transaction is successful or not).

[*] Payoneer charges $ on every withdrawal you make.

Cheers, Enjoy your cash and don't forget me 😊!