Lightshot: Screenshot Capture Tool

Looking for the best and legit way to share your Screenshots online? No cloud drive, no Signups (Optional) and no fees involved!

Lighshot allows you to upload and share your Screenshots, Photos and anything Images on the internet. All you need to do is upload the shot, copy the link and share, that's all!

This should be a very good alternative if you simply want to share pictures with someone else via a direct link, thus using the link generated by the upload in Lightshot. I stumbled on this website when I was looking for a way to share a project preview with a client on his website's contact form, there was no way I could upload the screenshot as no upload option was available in the contact form. So all I did was to simply upload the screenshot on Lightshot and sent the link it has generated.

You can also:
1. Capture with Lighshot by downloading Lightshot application available for Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu or Installing their Google Chrome add-on.

2. Edit image (that is if you have a flash plugin installed).

3. Find similar images, etcetera...

Thanks, Happy Sharing!