Snaggy: The easiest way to share a snapshot of your screen

Earlier, I made a post on Lightshot: Screenshot Capture Tool. Here comes another legit way to share your Screenshots online.

Snaggy lets your share your Photos, Screenshots, and anything Images on the internet. It's simple and easy, all you have to do is just drag n drop.

Snaggy also have other tools which include:

1. Crop tool: Allows you to crop your pictures or screenshots. (Hotkey: 'C' or 'M'), and perform the crop (Hotkey: "Enter').

2. Pencil tool: Lets you draw or make marks on your images. (Hotkey: 'P' or 'B') you can also select the pencil colour.

3. Text tool: You can make some writeup on your pictures. (Hotkey: 'T').

4. Sizing tool. View the image in full-size or fit-to-screen. (Hotkey: 'Z').

Thanks, Happy Sharing!