How To Withdraw Funds From AdFly In Nigeria

AdFly is a URL shortener that pays per click thus when a link is been shrunk it becomes shortened and once the shortened link in been clicked on it generates you earnings by prompting users with a "SKIP AD" Option before taking them to the destination of the shrunk link. So for those who would like to earn money online with their links (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Download links or any other link) Sign up for Adfly.

AdFly provides you with an option to Withdraw your earnings either by PayPal, Payoneer or Payza. For Every Nigerian who is an AdFly Publisher, and you will like to know how to withdraw funds from your AdFly account, this tutorial will give you a guide on how to do so.

Steps on How To Withdraw Funds From AdFly In Nigeria

There are many ways in which you can withdraw funds from AdFly in Nigeria, Here I will only give you steps on one of the many ways and which is the most reliable way of withdrawing your earnings from AdFly in Nigeria which is via Payoneer.

Step 1: Sign up for a Payoneer Account and after signing up, Request for a MasterCard. Once you have received your card, Activate your Payoneer Card.

Step 2: Now, Login to your AdFly Account.

Step 3: Review your withdrawal information and choose "Payoneer (Bank Transfer or Prepaid Card)" as your withdrawal account.

Step 4: You will need to verify your Payoneer account from your AdFly dashboard.

Steps 5: Once your account is approved, Payoneer will now accept AdFly as your funding source.

On your Next Pay Period, All funds on your AdFly account will be sent to your Payoneer account, Now with your Payoneer MasterCard Activated, All you need to do is go to any of the Local Banks around you, insert your Card to any of the ATM Machines that supports MasterCard and withdraw your funds in your local currency.

[*] Loading Funds: Payoneer charges a fee of $5 for an immediate load (if your account type is set to immediate, your funds will be received instantly) and a fee of $2 for a standard load (if your account type is set to standard, your funds will be received in 2 business days).

[*] Withdrawal Via ATM: Conversion rate depends on the bank charges thus, you will be charged based on how much the bank charges to covert Dollar to Naira from the funds in your Payoneer account.

[*] Cashout limit: You can only receive funds from AdFly to Payoneer if your cashout limit reaches $10. If your earnings are not up to $10, you will have to wait until it reaches, when it reaches $10 and above the payment will be made to your Payoneer Account in the Next Pay Period or when you request for Daily Payments.

Why I recommend Nigerians to use Payoneer in withdrawing funds from their AdFly account is because for now, Nigerian PayPal account holders can neither collect nor receive funds in their account thus when you use PayPal as your Payment processor, you will end up with an error "REFUSED (3148)" status on the withdrawal history of your AdFly account (Meaning Nigerian PayPal accounts can't accept/receive payment).

Cheers, Hope this Works!